The Elizabeth White Creative is an immersive dance theater company with roots in contemporary ballet, visual arts and interactive media. Producing theatrical performances that explore themes of spirituality through imaginative and immersive forms of storytelling, EWC seeks to connect realms of the divine with our collective reality.

About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth Caroline White is the artistic director, choreographer, and visual designer at the heart of The Elizabeth White Creative. On an exploration of continuum movement, visual arts and technology, her work aims to expand possibilities for expression through performance and engage audiences deeper through immersive experience.

In September of 2018, after having studied interactive telecommunications at NYU, visual arts at Fordham, and contemporary dance at Alvin Ailey, Elizabeth synthesized her work into one interdisciplinary venture and formed EWC. An altruist and dreamer at heart, her pursuits are driven by the urge to understand and communicate deeper truths that reside within.

Dancer pictured: Sarah Takash  OAETH:: 2018

Dancer pictured: Sarah Takash

OAETH:: 2018