Elizabeth Caroline White is the founder of EWC (The Elizabeth White Creative), immersive multimedia dance theater company at the intersection of contemporary ballet, visual arts and interactive technology. 

After twenty years of classical ballet and modern dance training, Elizabeth earned an MPS (Master of Professional Studies) from NYU Tisch’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, also known as the “Center for the Recently Possible.” There she explored innovative ways of combining the performing arts with emerging technologies. Preceding NYU, Elizabeth trained and performed at The Ailey School while obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts at Fordham University, Lincoln Center. 

On a continual exploration of movement, visual arts and technology, her work aims to expand possibilities for deepened expression through performance and transport audiences to heightened states of reality through immersive and innovative multimedia creations.

Dancer pictured: Sarah Takash  OAETH:: 2018

Dancer pictured: Sarah Takash

OAETH:: 2018